Ultrasonic humidifier

Using high-frequency sound vibrations to produce an extra fine water mist.


ultrasonic humidifier is a advanced technology to produce fine water droplet from water at room temperature. Ultrasonic humidifier use a piezoelectric transducer to create a high frequency mechanical oscillation in a film of water this forms an extremely fine mist of droplets about one micron in diameter that is quickly evaporated into the air flow

The Industrial ultrasonic humidifier designed to increase the relative humidity in an enclosed room area. it can attain RH levels as high as 99%. The system has a built-in humidity indicator & intelligent controller.Accurate & fast humidity control is exercised by intelligent controller. The diameter of water of water mist is only 1-6µ. Its low power consumption saves energy costs.

It consumes less than 90% power in comparison to steam based humidifiers. It is specially designed for various industrial applications where precise high RH levels need to be maintained continuously. It starts producing water mist immediately after few seconds it is started. Stainless steel body is attractive & long lasting. Water filling is automatic. It is technology driven product for the future.

Special Features

  • Humidity indicator & intelligent controller
  • Size of water mist 1-6µ
  • Independent Humidification System
  • No compressors/ water pressure pumps required.
  • Zero maintenance.
  • Lowest energy consumption in its category.
  • Easy to install.
  • No Structural modifications required.
  • High Grade Engineering Fully SS components ensure corrosion free performance.
  • Automatically shut off when water tank is empty
Technical Specifications
Evaporation Capacity(kg/hr) 5( kg/hr) 10( kg/hr) 15( kg/hr) 20( kg/hr)
Power (Watt) 300 Watt 600 Watt 1000 Watt 1200 Watt
Water Level Control Automatic Automatic Automatic Automatic
Humidity Control & Display Up to 99% RH Up to 99% RH Up to 99% RH Up to 99% RH
Input Voltage 220v AC 220v AC 220v AC 220v AC
Power supply Single Phase Single Phase Single Phase Single Phase
Product Body Stainless Steel Stainless Steel Stainless Steel Stainless Steel
Water input System Floating Ball Floating Ball Floating Ball Floating Ball
Mist output Diameter 4 inch 4 inch 6 inch 6 inch
Gross Weight (KG) 15Kg. 20 Kg. 24 Kg. 29 Kg.
Dimension (L*W*H)mm 480*375*340 480*450*340 580*540*340 610*580*340

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Why Ultrasonic

  • High evaporation capacity.
  • Low maintains.
  • Advance water lavel controller.
  • Cost effective
  • Effective temperature controller.
  • User Friendly(Essy to operate).
  • Low Power Consuption.